Crypto-Currency Trading Forum Going Live Soon

A new Crypto-Currency forum will be going live soon with its main focus on helping to guide and give useful tips on how to trade Cryptocoins for maximum profit.

As you might already be aware there are a vast amount of new Altcoins on the trading market and it can be difficult to figure out which ones could turn out to be profitable.

BBQcoin, being one of the oldest Cryptocoins will have its own dedicated thread on the new forum and will be a place where all the new services for BQC can be listed.

There will also be a Getting Started You Tube video developed to help new users with running our digital wallet and learn our to effectivily solo and pool mine.

BBQcoin has a highly active development team working on the marketing side and getting new users into the world of BQC.

Thank you all for your support so far, we could not have got this far without you.

Website Redesign and BBQcoin Service Underway

Investments are now finally in place which means that BBQcoin client updates, services and a full website overhaul will now be in active development.

BBQcoin is one of the oldest and most stable of all the Crypto-Currencies with large dedicated mining support and without these miners there would be no BQC.

This is why we are investing our own funds into a minimum of three services.

These services are going to slowly increase the demand for BQC alongside client updates to re-introduce the maximum coin limit, to help develop a health supply and demand balance.

All three services are currently in alpha testing and will all be launched in the Summer.

Further details will be posted as they happen.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine BBQcoin.

BBQcoin Under New Development

BBQcoin (BQC) is one of the longest running Crypto-Currencies.

It has survived a major attack not soon after release, been brought back from obscurity by a developer known as CaptChadd who then stepped down as another developer, BigDaub promised many great things for this impressive coin but for whatever reason disappeared leaving BBQcoin without any form of Development or support.

Even though we now run this website, it is not our objective to alter the BBQcoin client in anyway, unless requested to by the BQC community, as we feel that the coin has lasted this long so why fix what is not broken.

Our mission is for a full scale global promotion of BBQcoin as a fully independent worldwide currency adopted and accepted by every major retailer in every nation.

Below are some images that might be of interest to current and new investors in this opportunistic venture.

As you can see there have been many interesting developments with this global currency, enough to even get the attention of Wall Street.

More updates are to follow but for now, rest assured, the future for BBQcoin is an exciting one.

BBQcoin Wallstreet

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