BBQcoin New Development Team

BBQcoin (BQC) is one of the longest running Crypto-Currencies.

It has survived a major attack not soon after release, been brought back from obscurity by a developer known as CaptChadd who then stepped down as another developer, BigDaub promised many great things for this impressive coin but for whatever reason disappeared leaving BBQcoin without any form of Development or support.

Even though we now run this website, it is not our objective to alter the BBQcoin client in anyway, unless requested to by the BQC community, as we feel that the coin has lasted this long so why fix what is not broken.

Our mission is for a full scale global promotion of BBQcoin in a fully integrated worldwide currency network adopted and accepted by every major retailer in every nation.

More updates are to follow but for now, rest assured, the future for BBQcoin is an exciting one.